Fostering Ummah Through Shared Vision

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Exploratory Talks Between MySakinah and the Ministry of Women and Community Development

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – June 27, 2023 – In alignment with its mission of fostering family harmony through Islamic principles, MySakinah Group held an exploratory meeting with the Ministry of Women and Community Development on June 27, 2023.

The meeting was aimed at discussing potential collaborative opportunities that would harmonize MySakinah’s Islamic approach to family support with the Ministry’s initiatives for women and community development. This aligns with MySakinah’s vision of promoting a better ummah through cooperation with like-minded entities.

The focus of the conversation was to explore how MySakinah’s faith-based resources and expertise could synergize with the Ministry’s efforts, enhancing the holistic empowerment of women and communities. 

By engaging with the Ministry of Women and Community Development, MySakinah is expanding its commitment to utilizing Islamic teachings to foster family and community harmony. This potential collaboration could create a powerful alliance that elevates their work by integrating spiritual wisdom with practical strategies.

As MySakinah continues its mission to enhance family dynamics and community bonds through the lens of Islamic principles, they remain open to potential collaborations. More information regarding the developments of these explorations will be shared as they progress.

Puan Normaliza 

  • Advisory session, regarding the current module and improve version for mysakinah upcoming service

Dr Melati (One of the policy makers of the Malaysian Counseling Council)

  • Advisory and exploratory meeting on mysakinah next step (future).. How mysakinah service need to be aligned with the latest dasar lembaga kaunselor malaysia as well as potential future collaboration for systematic literature review research on mysakinah module. 


Explore the potential of developing module interms of application based technique that can be use inside the module. 


Explore the potential of the concept of science of soul to be implemented into our future module development


Explore the potential of application based inside module based on family science technique and theory with faculty of human ecology

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